Sponsorship Request

The Western Canadian SFI Implementation Committee (WCSIC) strives to contribute funds to groups who have an interest in forest practices and forest-related values. Funding opportunities are subject to budgetary constraints.

Sponsorship applicants are encouraged to partner with a WCSIC member company in their area, a Sponsorship partnership will assist the applicant through the approval process. Sponsorship applications that partner with a WCSIC member company will be given first priority. WCSIC members that may operate in proximity to sponsorship request applicatants can be found on the WCSIC website sidebar, "WCSIC Members". In most cases funding requests should not exceed $3,000.00.

Given that WCSIC meets quarterly, it may take up to 3 months for a review and assessment of your request.


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WCSIC C/O Coast Forest Products Association 1200-1090 Pender Street West Vancouver, BC V6E 2N7

Groups who are interested in WCSIC sponsorship must complete and submit the attached form to the WCSIC via e-mail in a digital format c/o the WCSIC Secretariat at info@wcsic.ca.