Inconsistent Practices

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) Standards make provisions for the public to report inconsistent practices through the appropriate SFI Implementation Committee.

An inconsistent practice is a non-conformance to the SFI Standards by an SFI Certified Organization. The Western Canada SFI Implementation Committee (WCSIC) maintains a secondary responsibility for receiving SFI program-related complaints against Certified Organizations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and determining if they warrant investigation and ensuring a credible response.

Any stakeholder or members of the public with questions or concerns about a Certified Organization are first encouraged to contact the Certified Organization directly. If contacting the Certified Organization directly does not satisfy the stakeholder's concern, the next step is to contact the WCSIC to file the concern. Further information about public inquiries and official complaints component of the SFI Standard are outlined in SFI Requirements: Section 12 – Public Inquiries and Official Complaints.

For more details please refer to the WCSIC Procedure for Addressing Allegations of SFI Program Non-Conformance.

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